This Venue Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) is executed as of the mutually agreed upon rental dates (“Effective Date”) between Midway Rent A Car, Inc. dba MG Studio (“MG Studio”) and (“Client”), in connection with Client’s (“Project”). All venue use at MG Studio shall require a written and signed Venue Rental Agreement, subject to terms and conditions specified in the MG Studio Venue Information Packet. A signed and executed Venue Rental Agreement is required before promotion, publicity or ticketing of event.

The Venue Manager, in his/her absolute and sole discretion, shall have the right to revoke any Agreement, at any time, for any reason. MG Studio is not liable for expenses incurred or lost by the Client or for any incidental or consequential damages, if any, alleged to have been incurred by the Client by reason of revocation or termination of any Agreement.


Permission is granted to use the Location on the mutually agreed upon rental dates (“License Period”). Provided Client is not in default under this agreement, MG Studio may, in its sole discretion, extend the License Period upon request by Client.


Client shall pay MG Studio for use of the Location during the License Period. As agreed to, 50% of preliminary invoice is due at time of booking, payable by certified check or credit card. Full payment is due prior to the event start time. Additional rental hours (or portion thereof) will be subject to a per hour rate. Any additional rentals, services or damages will be assessed at the completion of the event and billed within three (3) business days from the conclusion of the Project. Final payment is due within five (5) days of receiving final bill. If final payment is not received within 30 days of the License Period ending, MG Studio reserves the right to collect payment by processing a charge on the credit card provided by Client on the Credit Card Authorization Form.

All additional rentals and services will be billed at the conclusion of event once inventory is finalized. The balance will be billed within three (3) business days from the conclusion of the Project. Full payment is due within five (5) days of receiving final bill.

  1. Charges Based on Actual Use – Charges will be estimated based on the most recently provided quote but will be officially determined based upon actual usage. This usage begins at the time of building entry by Client, or any person involved with the event, and ends after MG Studio management has reviewed and approved the load-out condition of all used spaces. Any space used in support of an event, even if for storage or preparation, will be charged at the applicable rate reflected in the quote.
  2. Credit Card Fees – A nonrefundable 2.75% processing fee will be applied for all transactions paid by credit card. The processing fee will be based on the total invoice amount.
  3. Six-Hour Minimum (Half-Day Rental) – There is a six-hour minimum charge for use of any venue space per day.
  4. Utilities Included – Rental costs include reasonable utilities, seasonal heating or cooling, electricity, sewer, water, and gas. However, failure to furnish any utilities resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the Studio shall not be considered a breach of Agreement.
  5. Staffing – MG Studio management will determine, at its sole discretion, the minimum number of personnel required for Client’s event. Personnel will be scheduled and directed by MG Studio management, subject to availability. All staffing expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the Client. Estimated staffing costs will be disclosed in quote to Client at initial stages of venue rental inquiry.
  6. Systems Usage – Systems usage is defined as all other services and equipment used in the venue for Client’s event. Systems usage will be planned out and estimated prior to the event. However, final invoicing will be based upon actual usage during the rental


Cancellations made 45 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund of deposit. Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 50% refund of deposit. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 30 days of the event date.


  1. Client agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Midway Rent A Car, Inc. dba MG Studio, its successors and assignees, affiliates, insurers, their partners, agents, and employees (collectively, “Indemnified Parties”) from any and all third party claims of liability, cost, expense, and loss, including reasonable outside attorneys’ fees, which any Indemnified Party may suffer or incur by reason of any injury to or death of any person or damage to any property caused solely by any of Client’s employees, agents, or invitees or equipment on or about the Location, or in connection with this Agreement The foregoing Indemnity shall inure to the benefit of the Indemnified Parties.
  2. Upon the Effective Date, Client shall provide MG Studio evidence of 1) comprehensive general liability coverage of at least $1 million, each occurrence, combined single limit, bodily injury and property damage; 2) Workers’ Compensation coverage for all persons employed in connection with the Project; and 3) such other insurance coverage as MG Studio may reasonably require. Client assumes all risk of loss due to theft or any other cause to its equipment and property. MG Studio assumes no risk or liability in connection with Client’s equipment or property. Clients’ liability is limited to the limits of its insurance policy.
  3. Valid and up to date Certificates of Insurance are required from all outside vendors. This includes but not limited to caterer, bartender, security guard, furniture rental and AV vendors. Client is responsible for providing COIs to MG Studio prior to event start date. MG Studio must be added as additional insured with the name and address as follows:

Midway Rent A Car, Inc. dba MG Studio

1319 W 11th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Any modification to these provisions regarding Insurance may be made solely by MG Studio management.



  1. All marketing and advertising for the event is the sole responsibility of the Client. An executed Venue Rental Agreement and paid deposit are required before the Client may promote, publicize or sell tickets for the event.
  2. Clients are required to direct all potential patrons to Client’s website for information about the event. Client must get prior written approval from MG Studio management before displaying any pre-event promotional materials on MG Studio property.
  3. Client shall not use the name of MG Studio, any trade name, service mark, trademarks, acronym or logo of MG Studio in any publicity releases, advertising or any other publication without prior written consent from MG Studio management.


  1. Client shall own all rights of every kind in and to all motion pictures, photographs, and/or recordings made in and about the Location including the irrevocable rights throughout the universe in perpetuity to use any motion pictures or other photographs of the Location, in or in connection with the project or any other motion picture, and to exhibit, perform, and exploit the same by any method or means. Nothing herein shall obligate Client to use or photograph the Location or to use or depict the same in any way in Project.
  2. Client shall be entitled to use said pictures and recording in any manner in which Client or its licensees, successors, and assigns may desire. MG Studio further grants to Client the right to utilize any stills and/or motion pictures, sets, or location, so as to represent that Location or any portion thereof, including any property or sets, either real or simulated, and the right to refer to the Location by its real or fictitious name or address.
  3. MG Studio may be allowed to capture content for marketing, sales or promotion purposes with written consent from Client.


MG Studio will make every effort to keep its equipment available and in good working order. However, if equipment is out of service for any reason, MG Studio will not be responsible for providing replacement equipment. Any malfunction of equipment provided by MG Studio should be reported immediately to MG Studio management. MG Studio, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to make its equipment unavailable to a Client in the event the Client’s planned use is deemed potentially dangerous to the Client or to such equipment.

The Client hereby waives all defects that may exist on the premises to be used by the Client. The venue and/or premises being furnished pursuant to this agreement are being furnished without warranty and the Client agrees to accept said spaces for use in their “As-Is” condition. The Client also agrees that MG Studio, its Agents, Employees, Representatives and Insurers shall not be liable to the Client for damages regardless of whose negligence or acts of omission cause such injury or damage. The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless MG Studio, its Agents, Employees, Representatives and Insurers from all suits, actions, claims, expenses, including attorney’s fees and damages of any character, type of persons or property arising out of or occasioned by the use of the premises used by the Client, its Agents, Patrons, Visitors, Guests, Representatives, Employees or other persons allowed on premises by the Client during the time set forth in this agreement.

The Client hereby agrees that they will comply with all State and Local authorities’ agencies, statutes and orders, (“ORDERS”) regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes but not limited to enforcing said ORDERS that include social distancing, the wearing of facial coverings and limiting the number of guests that may occupy MG Studio.



All MG Studio policies and federal, state and local laws are in effect 24 hours a day including any time the Client occupies the venue. Any misrepresentation by any organization or individual, any abuse of any MG Studio property, any violation of state, local or federal law or any violation of any MG Studio policy, rule, or regulation may result in:

  1. Immediate termination of the Rental Agreement
  2. Requirement to immediately vacate the premises, at Client’s expense, with no refunded monies
  3. Denial of that organization’s or individual’s request for future use of the venue

The following expectations are applicable to anyone occupying the venue including, but not limited to: the Client, any agents employed by the Client, performers, patrons, volunteers and guests. It is the responsibility of the Client to make these expectations known to anyone they bring or invite to the venue.

Adhesives – Client may not affix anything to walls without prior approval from MG Studio management.

Catering – All caterers must be approved, in writing, by MG Studio management. Prior to approval, caterer must meet with MG Studio management to review the venue and protocols pertaining to catering activity, including the opportunities and limitations within the venue. Caterer will be responsible for participating in the post-event walk-through, and Client will be held responsible for any and all damages.

Content – MG Studio staff will not be required to provide content (audio or visual). The Client is ultimately responsible for the production and should make every effort to have all materials.

Decorating – Decorating must be done from ladders. For your safety, please do not use chairs, table tops or other surfaces to stand on while decorating. All decorations must be approved, in writing, by MG Studio management at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the start of Client’s rental period.

  • Decorating may only occur at the start of the rental period. Decorations must be removed completely before Client vacates the venue at the end of the rental period.
  • Tape or fasteners of any kind on any surface in the venue require written approval from MG Studio management.
  • Decorations of any kind must be completely constructed and painted before they are brought into the building.
  • Any decorations left after the Client has vacated the venue will incur cleanup fees.
  • Glitter, Confetti, or any similar item is not allowed.

Deliveries – Any and all deliveries must be scheduled through MG Studio management to ensure that the venue will be able and available to accept said delivery. MG Studio will not be held responsible for any missed or delayed deliveries or the safekeeping of such deliveries.

Egress – For safety and egress, Clients may not block any doors, entries/exits, windows, light fixtures, hallways, etc. Client may not place tables, chairs, booths, or other items in these areas.

Equal Opportunity / Non-Discrimination – Participation or attendance of patrons shall not be restricted for reasons of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, creed, national origin, or physical handicap.

Flammable Materials – Open flames in any area of the building are strictly prohibited regardless of how they are fueled. If an open flame is necessary for the event, written approval must be granted by MG Studio management before open flame may be used.

No flammable materials such as bunting, tissue paper, crepe paper, etc. will be permitted as decorations in any part of the venue. All other materials used for decorative purposes must be treated with a flame proofing substance and approved by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department.

Floor – Rubber coated wheels are the only type of casters permitted on the venue floor. Client must notify MG Studio management of any slippery surfaces.

Furniture – Furniture, benches, and other movable items within the venue have been placed in standard and fixed locations. Client may not move or relocate these items without the prior consent of MG Studio management.  Client will be responsible to return MG Studio’s items to their standard locations after the event or labor costs will be charged back to the Client.

No venue fixture or furniture may be moved, adjusted, or otherwise modified by anyone other than MG Studio management.

Issues – Client must notify MG Studio staff for any issue regarding your event needs.

Keys – Only authorized employees of MG Studio shall be permitted to have keys to venue spaces.

Licenses – Clients must obtain all permits and licenses required by laws, ordinances, rules and regulations in the State of California and City of Los Angeles, including licenses to perform all copyrighted material. Client shall assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised, or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes, or dramatic rights used or incorporated in the event. Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless MG Studio and its officers, agents, employees, representatives and insurers from any claims or costs including attorneys’ fees which might arise from the questioning of use of any material described above. MG Studio management will, at any time, have the right to require Client to furnish satisfactory evidence that all required licenses have been obtained.

Lost Articles – MG Studio management will have the sole right to collect and to have custody of articles left in the venue by persons attending events presented in the venue. No one other than MG Studio staff shall collect or interfere with the collection or custody of such articles. Management will make every effort to reunite lost articles with their owners; provided, however, that MG Studio will not be responsible for incurring any costs for returning lost articles to their owners. After a reasonable period of time, not less than 60 days, all unclaimed articles shall become the property of MG Studio to do with or dispose of as management deems fit.

Minors and Children – All minors must be under adult supervision at all times. Clients must provide a minimum of two adult chaperones for events involving minors. The required ratio is one adult to every 15 minors, with a minimum of two adult chaperones present and engaged at all times.

News Media – If Client is aware that news media may be present, or if news media arrives unexpectedly, the Client is required to notify MG Studio management immediately.

Occupancy – Client must be present whenever the building is occupied by agents of the Client, performers, volunteers or patrons. No one will be allowed into the venue unless the Client is present. It is the responsibility of the Client to notify all persons involved when the venue will be open for occupancy.

Parking – Parking is first-come, first-serve for Clients, vendors and event personnel. MG Studio will not provide staff in the parking lot areas. Venue property is considered a public right of way where many events take place. If Client’s event requires priority parking, please discuss this with MG Studio management during the planning and production meetings. There is no parking allowed in front of the loading door located at the back of the venue (on Connecticut Street).

Prohibited Behavior – The following behaviors are strictly prohibited while on Venue property. If anyone is observed doing any of the following, they will be deemed an objectionable person. MG Studio management reserves the right to eject objectionable persons from Venue property and MG Studio will not be held liable to Client for any damages that may be sustained subsequent to the exercise of such right.

  • Sleeping in any part of the venue
  • Soliciting, panhandling, or distributing handbills
  • Bathing, shaving, washing clothes, or otherwise misusing a restroom
  • Engaging in voyeurism/peeping or disorderly conduct as defined by California Penal Code Section 647(i) PC
  • Physically, verbally, with gestures, or otherwise threaten, abuse, intimidate, or assault another person, including intentionally dispensing any chemical that will emit a foul or offensive odor or cause irritation of the eyes or skin
  • Interfering with an employee in the performance of said employee’s duties, by means including, but not limited to, inappropriate conversation or behavior, sexual advances, or physical and/or verbal harassment
  • Engaging in conduct which disturbs the reasonable use of the venue by the public and by staff or puts others in reasonable fear for their physical safety
  • Violating any laws of the United States of America, State of California, or the City of Los Angeles, CA.
  • Violating any venue policies

Right of Entry – Client will afford MG Studio’s staff the right to enter any part of the premises at any time in the performance of their normal job duties.

Signage – Client must receive prior approval from MG Studio management before posting any signs or displays.

Trash – It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all litter is picked up and disposed of properly, unless cleaning services have been reserved. If Client anticipates a large volume of trash either during or after the event, Client must notify MG Studio management during the planning or production meetings.

Valuables – No lock box or secure room is provided to Clients by MG Studio. It is suggested that any personal valuables not be brought into the venue.

VIP Guests – If Client is aware that VIP Guests may be in attendance, it is the responsibility of the Client to notify MG Studio management immediately. Additional venue resources may be necessary to facilitate VIP Guest’s security measures and should not cause an interruption to production plans.

Weapons – MG Studio does not allow on its premises any persons carrying firearms or any other weapons, except those carried by law enforcement officers who are on duty. The use of any kind of firearm or weapon for theatrical purposes, e.g., a blank pistol, requires prior written notification to and approval of MG Studio management.



 If there is a conflict or contradiction among the Venue Rental Agreement, the MG Studio Venue Information Packet or any other supplemental documents, the provisions of this Agreement and any attached Addendums shall control. However, the other documents expand on the basic provisions of the Agreement and will be enforced, even if not specifically outlined in the Agreement above.



 MG Studio reserves the right to change and amend the Venue Rental Agreement, Venue Information Packet and any supplemental documentation forms regarding use of MG Studio and its rates at any time. Changes to the Venue Rental Agreement and Venue Information Packet will go into effect immediately without further notice to the Client. Any cost estimates previously issued and approved in writing will remain valid. In all cases, MG Studio will use reasonable efforts to mitigate undue hardships caused to the Client by such changes and amendments.

By confirming your venue rental agreement and/or accepting services from MG Studio, you herein agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth here.